corporate overview

Indo National Limited second largest dry cell battery manufacturer in India was incorporated in 1972 as a joint venture with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. of Japan, with the goal of bringing the world's best battery technology to the country.

A lot of firsts are to our credit like the tamperproof top seal, Zinc Chloride technology in AA batteries, introduction of twin piece Manganese battery in shrink pack and Nippo Premium Gold, a first in India. Upgrading it further to Mercury free status, another first in India. Nippo also offers a range of torchlights from its stable. With factories at Nellore and Tada both in Andhra Pradesh, Nippo caters to the soft energy requirements of the country.

We have walked away with the Management Excellence Awards Silver and Gold from MEI, Japan. Nippo celebrated is 25th Anniversary in 1998 and continues its tradition of providing world class products to its customers.

Brand building has been a part of the advertising exercise over the last few years, where leading celebrities like Rahul Dravid and Govinda have been engaged to campaign for Nippo across the country. Besides using the electronic media, a lot of outdoor activities through hoardings, wall paintings and mobile media like buses have been utilized extensively for Nippo.

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