From Our History Books

Nippo batteries has come a long way since the day of its inception in the early nineteen seventies. Here is a year by year account of our colourful history, and the many milestone events as they are unfolded.

2016 Battery - Energy - AA
2016 Torch - Mini Bheem, Mini Colour Bheem
2015 Torch - Jaguar, Chotu Bheem / Bheemlite Blister
2014 Inverter
2014 Battery - Hi Top - AAA, AA
2013 LED
2013 Torch - Blackcat, Radiumlite, Tiger, Dabaang2
2012 Battery - Power
2012 Torch - Max Beemlite, Wattlite Radium, Bodyguard, Dabaang, Jwala
2010 Torch - Glowlite, Ultralite
2009 Battery - Hyper - AAA
2009 Torch - Beamflasher, Leo, Thunder Radium
2008 EPBR - EPBR Fans
2008 Torch - Beamlite
2007 Torch - Thunder, Trendy, Maxlite Torch
2006 Torch - LED ECO, LED DLX 
2005 Torch - KP102BR Torch
2004 Torch -  KP100B Torch
2003 Torch - KP202, KP202B Torch
2002 Torch - FF300B Torch 
2001 Battery - Gold - AAA
2001 Landmark cumulative production figure of 7000 million batteries crossed in April
2000 Initiation of TPM and TQM activities Launch of Shakti Vision 2003
1999 Cumulative production crosses 6000 million
Bronze award in PR contest from MEI, Japan for the corporate film, POWERING AHEAD Launch of Nippo Premium Gold, India's first mercury free battery
1998 Silver Jubilee celebrations Mr. Yasuda, President, MBI and Mr. Kaiikawa visit INNCO for the Silver Jubilee celebrations
1997 Initiation of ISO 14001
Installation of 2nd high speed 3D line at Tada
Introduction of BF 103 torch
Nellore picks up 'Best Union Award' again
Cumulative production crosses 5000 million
Receipt of ISO 14001 certification
Nippo Batteries Ltd. becomes the first Indian battery company to receive the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications
1996 Visit of Junior Matsushita, Mr. Masayuki Matsushita to India
Introduction of 5 day week at HO and factories
ISO certification for Nellore and Tada factories and Head Office
1995 Management Excellence Gold Award from MEI, Japan
Launch of FF 300 Sleek torch light
Cumulative production crosses 4000 million
Nippo Batteries again - receipt of first prize at the 'Horticulture Show' conducted by Andhra Pradesh Government
More awards, for 'Best Safety' and 'Good Housekeeping' from Andhra Pradesh Government
Initiation of ISO 9000 accreditation process
Launch of Vision 2000
Launch of high performance batteries in UM-3 and UM-1 segments
Nellore picks up 'Best Union Award' from Andhra Pradesh Government
1994 Nippo Batteries walks away with the first prize in the State level Garden Festival, organised by the Andhra Pradesh Government Management Excellence Silver Award from MEI, Japan
1993 Launch of Nippo Gold (3D) at Tada plant 20th Anniversary celebrations Visit of Mr. S. Dounishi, then President, MBI, Japan First copies of Nippo News are out
1992 Achievement of a cumulative production of 3000 million
1989 Launch of BF 102 torch light Andhra Pradesh Government confers Best Management Award on Nippo Batteries
1988 Nippo crosses the 2000 million production mark
1986 Effluent treatment plant at Nellore commences operation
1985 Commissioning of 3U hi-tech line at Tada plant
1984 Achievement of cumulative production of 1000 million batteries Nippo picks up 'Productivity Award' from Andhra Pradesh Government
1983 Celebrations to mark our 10th anniversary Visits of Mr. Kurata, then Managing Director, MBI and Mr. Azuma, then President, MBI Nellore plant picks up 'Good Housekeeping Award' from Andhra Pradesh Government
1982 Mr. Yamashita, then President, MEI and CMD Obul Reddy meet India's then Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi
1981 A million batteries exported to the USSR Grant of IS:8144 for 1U
1980 Inauguration of our new factory at Tada, Andhra Pradesh. IP cells go into production
1979 Installation of workshop with top-of-the-line maintenance equipment Production commences for the new line of UM-3U cells
1978 UM-3U goes into production
1977 Introduction of the pilfer proof top seal, now an industry standard Nippo 1P cells receive IS:8144 recognition Production commences for UM (1S)
1976 Nippo goes international. The first export consignment leaves for Yemen
1976 Followed by Nippo Special (1P), an industry first. Its special quality paper outer jacket made it easily affordable for the rural market
1975 Nippo Hyper (2U) goes into production
1973 Production commences for Nippo Hyper (1U)
1972 INNCO is established
1970 Mr. P. Obul Reddy, CMD obtains a letter of intent from MEI, Japan, expressing an agreement in principle for a collaboration with Nippo Batteries
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